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Rains play spoilsport

16th November 2017
The skies melted in colours of dismay as rains continued to delay the first Test between India and Sri Lanka at the Eden Gardens here today.
India had played Sri Lanka in the Emerald Islands earlier this year when they made an unprecedented clean sweep in all formats of the game. The result looked much like a tennis tie-breaker 9-0.
But since that series the young lions have grown in stature and ensured a 2-0 win against a very talented Pakistan in the Middle-East. Sri Lankan Skipper Dinesh Chandimal reiterated that the young boys have gone through the learning curve and have come here believing in themselves and making a match of the series.
But they are pitted against an Indian side that is led by a man who has redefined the spirit and mentality of the side. In his words he wants his team to embrace uncomfortable.
Meanwhile the rains continued to play spoilsport as intermittent showers made sure that the covers went on and off the ground.

Arindam Basu