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Eden cheers for Dhoni

21st September 2017
Eden Gardens and MS Dhoni has a special bond. Every time you enter the ground it’s quite visible from the number of fans with Dhoni branded India Ts. So when.he is.set here after a long gap, Eden was sure to go ballistic. And the crowd didn’t disappoint.
Right from the first dismissal there was a palpable expectation among the crowd of Dhoni walking out into the middle and when he did after Kedar Jhadav’s dismissal the lusty cheers could befuddle a first timer as to which side the crowd was supporting.
The loss of Jhadav meant nothing before seeing the man with the helicopter shot arrive at the centre. Dhoni, as often seen as a bike riding dude, is a hero by himself idolised by millions for his finishing prowess on the field as for his patriotism and whiplash comments off it.
However, Dhoni’s stay at the stumps was short and cryptic. His 5 runs came off 10 balls as he scratched around to Kane Richardson and Pat Cummins. Richardson bowls one full outside off and the delivery may have come off the surface slower than usual as Dhoni drove early. The ball went up and Smith dived forward to in the cover region to complete a low catch. The wicket was humongous not because of the man Dhoni was but it could easily make a difference of 30 runs to the team’s total.
Meanwhile, you could hear a pin drop as the 40,000 odd crowd sat stunned. As Dhoni walked back to the pavilion a section stood up and lauded their superhero. Not his day, but so what a glimpse of the God was enough.

Arindam Basu