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Wrist spinner is an attacking option for the team: Kuldeep

20th September 2017
Ahead of the second ODI against Australia, Kuldeep Yadav made it clear that he is one of the main attacking option for captain Virat Kohli.
He further added that if need be he can bowl defensive for the squad as well.
“A wrist spinner is always an attacking option for the captain. Sometimes I feel from the other angle as well just to concede the batsmen a single while allurig the other to face next. However I have been working on my defensive strategy as well- whether in the nets or off the field seeing my videos as to how I am attacking and being on the other side,” he said upon being asked how does he prefer to face the fact that he might have to bowl defensive lines as well if need be.
The wrist spinner also admitted that during his days with Kolkata Knight Riders he has learnt a lot form the spinners in the likes of Shakib Al Hasan, Sunil Naraine and Piyush Chawla that has made him shape and learn a lot. He said, “When I was in KKR I cannot help but admit that there were quality spinners in the team-Sunil Narine, Pc bhai (Piyush Chawla), Shakib (Shakib Al Hasan). I joined after a year and it was a great experience for me to have had shared acquaintance with these players as I got to learn a lot from them.”
With reference to his rivalry with David Warner, he said at the back of his mind he almost knew that the Aussie was his bunny.
"Whenever you know that your presence on the ground makes your opponent vulnerble it is your instant reflex to get that player out as soon as possible and pressure on you is less. Same is with the case with David Warner since whenver he's facing me he does it under pressure and that is what makes him more vulnerable and lessens the prerssure on me taking in consideration the fact that I will triumph over him as I had previously. Hence I plan things in advance as to how I want to be acting on the field," he said.
Asked if playing with Chahal was a different experience, he said: "Junior cricket has never seen two wrist spinners playing together, the same happened to me as well that whenever I got the opportunity to play aside a left arm spinner or whenever I was playing Ranji Trophy in the same team as Piyush Chawla, but not much of experience together. However whenever two wrist spinners are playing side by side in the same team it is easier to pick up wickets since both are attacking spinners. Wrist spinners have the advantage of of deceiving the batsman and hence there are more options to get wickets."
Talking about a bowler allrounder in Hardik Pandya, he said: "All games call for a good allrounder if we are talking about ODIs and T20s. The player must at the same time take wickets and put up a decent score to the team total. Definitely a player like Hardik Pandiya who is a big hitter and an absolute game changer which is evident from his performance in the previous match as well as test matches. He always tries his best to lift up the tempo of the game every time and provide momentum and support to the team. looking at the way he has been playing at the present I personally feel he has a long and bright future in cricket."
Asked who is the toughest Australian batsmen to bowl against, he said:"I feel it is Steve Smith first of all, which has been evident during the test match, since he reads the bowlers well and in depth. He knows the art of pulling out singles out of nowhere. Hence at times it is difficult to bowl him since he prefers it in the leg stump and when he is in the mood he can play shots and he knows when to push for a single. I feel it might be difficult at times to bowl him."
Asked if there was a strategy to get batters like Smith and Warner early, he said: "It is obvious for any team, that if the top three batsmen's wicket can be claimed at an early stage the game can throw a massive challenge upon the middle order. Steve Smith is such a player that has the ability to change the game at any point".
On any extra pressure of leading the bowling attack, he said: "It is definitely a big responsibility for two young spinners since expectations from the team and home supporters is immense. It might turn out that at times it would be difficult for us to get wickets and we might not end up with any as well. I consider this as a learning experience for the both of us since both Chahal and me are getting to play with such an experienced squad which is a boon in the first place. The more we get to learn at the moment, the more easier it will be for us in the future and getting matured with experience we are getting to share with these seniors I feel is great".

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