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12th September 2022
An apex council meeting of the CAB was convened today to exclusively discuss the proposed matches of Legends Cricket League at Eden Gardens on September 16 and 17.
Mr Avishek Majumdar, who is the Vice-president of Absolute Legends Sports Pvt Ltd, was invited to the meeting so that there was absolute clarity on the subject from either end, namely CAB and Absolute Legends Sports Pvt Ltd, wherein the association had pointed to him that there was paucity of time and not much time left.
However, since they have already paid the vendors, their work is on, as per what the association was informed by the representative and so CAB may not have any objection to their organising the matches subject to the fact that they would not highlight or display in Eden Gardens on jerseys or any other platform or anywhere of any company that may have any direct or indirect link or is even remotely connected with any other company that deals with gambling, betting or gaming for the Kolkata matches.
Only the B, C, K, L blocks and club house would be open for the matches.
The entire Apex Council unanimously resolved that the association could go ahead subject to the undertaking promised by Absolute Legends Sports Pvt Ltd.

Arindam Basu