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9th September 2021
The second day of Byju's Bengal T20 Challenge saw two talented players Kaushik Maity and Dip Chatterjee steal the show with some out of the box performances on Wednesday.
While Kolkata Heroes bowler Kaushik showed off his ambidextrous side while bowling, Dip took two stunning catches that literally turned the scales in favour of Kharagpur Blasters who eventually won by 9-wickets.
Left-arm spinner being his primary identity, Kaushik changes his bowling hand when a left-hander comes to bat. This has flummoxed batters with this trick time and again.
Kaif became his latest victim when Kaushik bowled with left-hand to beat him all ends up. He will be seen for Bhowanipur Club this season.
Yet another player was turning the tide of a match standing in close catching position. Krishnanagar Challengers' top order batter Ayush Kumar Singh tried to flick over the short mid-wicket but saw Dip take to air and pluck it with two hands to everyone's surprise.
This Calcutta Customs batter once again treated the motley crowd with some great reflexes taking a low catch at the cover to dismiss settled Krishnanagar batter Koushik Ghosh (39) off skipper Kazi Junaid Saifi.
He then contributed with his bat as he remained unbeaten on 43 off 47 balls to ensure big victory for his team.

Rio Dutta