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CAB hopes to start the next season early,
subject to the Covid situation then.

25th May 2021
The Cricket Association of Bengal as a preparatory step has procured pitch soil ahead of the monsoons so that it can start preparing the pitches early. It is however, subject to the pandemic situation being in control at that point of time.
“We have procured soil required to make pitches at the grounds for the 2021-2022 season. Close to 60 trucks of pitch soil have been stored at Eden Gardens. CAB would make best efforts to start the next season early provided the situation permits then as safety of all concerned remains the priority and no compromise in this regard would be made by the Association”, said CAB President Avishek Dalmiya.
“Like last season, CAB has already availed best quality soil which would help us in preparing proper pitches. We understand the importance of providing good wickets at the grassroots and with the help of the CAB curators, we would surely be able to create suitable surfaces for the budding cricketers”, said Snehasish Ganguly, CAB Hony. Secretary.

Arindam Basu