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Cricketers return to Eden

5th October 2020
Senior Bengal cricketers today returned to Eden Gardens to do workout and cardio maintaining strict Covid protocols.
15 cricketers in the Senior Bengal Men's team did workout and gym today under the guidance of trainer Sanjib Das. For the women, 14 players did cardio on the ground under supervision of Samiran Nath small groups of four players at a time.
Sudip Chatterjee, Bengal's experienced campaigner sounded excited and happy while talking about returning to training: "It really felt good and I am very happy to be back with the team. I thank the association and President Mr. Dalmiya for making this possible and help us return to training with proper restrictions."
Bengal all-rounder Arnab Nandi reiterated the same saying: "I am feeling very happy and excited to get back to the training. I thank CAB and President Avishek Dalmiya for starting the training under strict restrictions and guidelines."
Bengal men today mainly focused on explosive movement and functional movement at the gym with 45-minute sessions.
Another Bengal all-round star Pradipta Pramanik said returning to the training is like fresh air to breathe: "It was suffocating to stay at home for a long time in this covid pandemic. We did online training sessions during lockdown but from today onwards I can breathe the fresh air filled with smell of field and cricket instruments."
The trainers also reiterated the same as players as Sanjib said: "It feels good be back with the boys. They are all in good shape and working hard as always". Samiran Nath also expressed the same excitement and praise for the girls.
Players who attended:
Men: Abhishek Raman, Sudip Chatterjee, Kazi Junaid Saifi, Agniv Pan, Vivek Singh, Arnab Nandi, Pradipta Pramanik, Anustup Majumdar, Ayan Bhattacharya, Sudip Kumar Gharami, Avishek Das, Sandipan Das, Dipanjan Mukherjee, Aritra Chatterjee, Jayojit Basu
Women: Paromita Roy, Prativa Rana, Parna Paul, Dhara Gujjar, Gayetri Mal, Sreyoshi Aich, Antara Jana, Nisha Majhi, Ranjana Yadav, Saika Ishaque, Sabana Khatoon, Tithi Das, Shreya Karar, Sanstitha Biswas

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