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Bengal cricketers return amid strict Covid protocol

4th October 2020
The Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) will see the players returning to Eden Gardens under strict supervision from tomorrow after some 195 days since lockdown was announced on March 24 due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic that has rocked the world.
CAB has put in place a Medical Task Force and has created an exhaustive Covid 19 protocol and SOPs based on the recommendations of all relevant parties, under the leadership of association President Avishek Dalmiya to ensure saftey of the players, even as they get ready to return to the brand new indoor facility for gym sessions.
"We have been thorough and meticulous in our approach. We have taken all precautionary measures and got all necessary NOCs as we take baby steps towards normalcy. Everyone involved in the physical fitness programme have undergone Covid Test and will be monitored by a doctor appointed for this purpose only. Besides the Medical Task Force with Association Vice-president Naresh Ojha is also keeping a strict supervision as the players get ready to return to the indoor facility and on ground training. I would like to reiterate that nothing is more important to us that player saftey and hence all protocols will be adhered to diligently," said CAB President Avishek Dalmiya.
Several measures have been taken like creating separate medical room in L Block and isolation room for this purpose, which are well ventilated. Air purifiers and water filters have been installed. Hand sanitisers, cloth and shoe fumigators have been put in place. Cameras, televisions, big screen monitor and laptops have been placed for online sessions with the coaches as and when needed. A thorough Briefing have been done to all the players and other stake holders by a team of reputed Doctors.
"The stress is on minimal physical contact and maximum hygiene. There will be a doctor and a hygiene officer for constant monitoring. Signages on expected behavioural patterns, dos and don'ts have been put up at strategic positions as a reminder for all parties concerned. We have put up a big monitoring screen in the gym that will be used by coaches to monitor workout sessions and communicate with players through video conferencing. The days when the men's team will do gym and workout, the women's team will do cardio at Eden Gardens and vice versa," added Mr Dalmiya.
Both the pools have been divided into groups of four. Each group will do cardio/workout for an hour. Well ventilated physio rooms have been set up both at the gym and with the dressing room for workout and training respectively. Following each session there will be half an hour break for the group to leave and new group to come and begin work. During the break between every session the entire gym and dressing room in club house will be sanitised.

Arindam Basu