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CAB organizes webinar on Laws of cricket for Bengal girls

1st September 2020
In another attempt towards the betterment of women's cricket the Cricket Association of Bengal today organized webinar on the laws of Cricket for the Senior and U23 girls.
Senior and U23 Women's head coach Shib Sankar Pal who was present during the session told CAB Media: "It was a very good session for the girls as the laws were discussed in details, there doubts and questions were answered. Types of outs, fielding restrictions, restrictions about time taken on and off the field were discussed."
"I thank CAB President Avishek Dalmiya for organizing such sessions for the girls. While outdoor practices are halted the girls can learn so much about the laws and improve," he added about the session.
Experienced umpire Premdip Chatterjee took the session today while along with Senior and U23 head coach, assistant coaches Charanjit Singh, Rituparna Roy and other staff were also peresnt.
"It was a fantastic interactive session. Girls were so keen to know and clear their doubts. As the laws of the game gets updated with time so the players must be aware of the laws," Premdip said about the session today.
"This is a good initiative by CAB for the betterment of women's cricket. I talked about my experiences while coach Shib Sankar, Charanjit also participated while explaining the rules to the girls. It was a much needed session for the girls as the game is evolving day by day," he added.
The two-hour long session was mainly aimed to make the girls especially the new players aware of the laws, latest updated informations and busting myths about them.

Rio Dutta