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30th August 2020
Kolkata, 30th August 2020: An Emergent Apex Council Meeting of The Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) was held on 29th of August 2020 at Eden Gardens, Kolkata.

Some of the Major Decisions taken in the Meeting are as follows:

1. Renewal of Membership for 2020-2021 Season:
In the light of diverse restrictions imposed by the Government in the light of the pandemic and having regard to the health and safety of its members, the Apex Council with a humane approach approved the recommendations of the Membership Sub Committee of CAB.

The Following resolutions were adopted in this regard:

A. That the membership of all Annual and Associate Members of CAB who were valid members as on March 31, 2020 do stand renewed automatically until March 31, 2021 without being required to undertake any formal procedure for renewal of their membership.

B. That the annual subscription of all Annual and Associate Members of CAB for the Season 2020-21 be NIL so that the Annual and Associate Members are not required to pay any annual subscription for continuing as members for the Season 2020-21 and availing all applicable privileges of membership for the Season 2020-21.

C. That the membership cards of all Life; Annual and Associate Members of CAB which are presently valid for the 2019-20 Season shall continue to remain valid and operative up to and including the 2020-21 Season i.e. until July 31, 2021 without any endorsement being required to be made thereon. Issuance of new membership cards for the 2020-21 Season may accordingly be dispensed with.

D. That the aforesaid recommendations contemplate a one-time special gesture which may be made by CAB having regard to the unprecedented pandemic which is presently prevalent and which has disrupted normal life. This should not be treated as a precedent. It is clarified that save and except the limited ambit of the above recommendations which are restricted only to the 2020-21 Season, there should be no deemed acquiescence by CAB to any plea for any deferment made or as may be made by the members in respect of any of their obligations for any preceding or succeeding year.

2. Date for Commencement of CAB Tournaments:

The Tentative Date for commencement of 1st and 2nd Division Tournaments for the 2020-2021 season has been fixed at 15th of December 2020. The tentative dates for other tournaments conducted by the Association would be decided subsequently.
This, however, would be completely dependent on the Covid- 19 situation and consequential situation prevailing at that point of time since health and safety of players remain the priority.
Further, a presentation was also made by the President on the Policy which the Association desires to adopt regarding preparation of grounds and conducting the Tournaments in the 2020-2021 season. The Apex Council unanimously approved the same.
In this regard, the Association would convene a meeting of the Tournament Committee as well as Tours, Fixtures and Technical Committee to finalise the Draft Tentative Fixtures and then send it to the units for their views.

3. Transfer Window

CAB considering the Guidelines issued by the Government Authorities, and in the interest of health and safety of all players and other stakeholders, had decided to defer the 1st September to 15th September window for transfer of players pertaining to 1st and 2nd Division Teams.
It had also decided that the President of the Association and the Hony. Secretary would monitor the situation on a fortnightly basis and take appropriate measures as soon as the situation becomes conducive to have the transfer exercises done and restrictions imposed by the Authorities are relaxed.
The Apex Council unanimously ratified such decision of Deferment of Transfer Window taken by the Association. The house also authorised the President and the Hony. Secretary to monitor and take necessary decisions in the matter.

4. Holding of Annual General Meeting:

Due to the unexpected, unusual and extraordinary circumstances related to COVID-19 Pandemic, it was unanimously decided by the Apex Council that an application for extension of time to the Registrar of Societies, West Bengal for holding the AGM be made.
This decision has been taken in view of the restrictions imposed by the Government for large gatherings beyond a certain number, and especially since the General Body consists of 121 units and 18 Former International Players.
Though CAB intends to hold the meeting in November by which time it expects that the prevalent restrictions would be relaxed further, time extension upto 31st December 2020 would be sought as an abundant precaution from the Registrar.

5. Resumption of Gym Activity and Physical Fitness Training:

The Medical Committee of the Association had already discussed issues pertaining to resumption of Gym Activities and Physical Fitness Training Sessions after 10th of September 2020.
The Standard Operating Procedures required for such activities to commence have also been chalked out. Also, the other steps required prior to commencement would be undertaken by the Association in the next 10 days to be completely ready for such operations. The Task Force formed for this purpose by the Association would meet within the next 5 days to take things forward.
The Apex Council unanimously approved the decision to commence Gym and Fitness Training activities. It also authorised the Office Bearers to take further steps in the matter including seeking of approvals from the Authorities prior to such resumption, as mandated by the SOP issued by the BCCI.
The other important decisions taken during course of the Meeting would be communicated in due course of time.

Avishek Dalmiya
Chairman of the Meeting

Arindam Basu