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Senior Bengal team keep the spirit high through webinar

18th June 2020
Senior Bengal team in the presence of head coach Arun Lal and all the support staff participated in a webinar which was mainly done to keep the team spirit high and discuss their roles in the team today.
Cricket Association of Bengal President Avishek Dalmiya said: "Since the players are not being able to meet each other and get onto on ground training and practice, a webinar was organised, mainly to keep up the team bonding and team spirit, see the successes of last season and what can be individually done next season to further improve."
It was an informal kind of session where they discussed the successes from the last season, scope for doing better, where each player excelled and where they needed to improve both physically and mentally in these tough times.
Bengal coach Arun Lal said: "It's not easy for the players. They are locked at home for a long time, things are uncertain and it's very easy to get tired, monotonous and even bored amid this tough time. So this was about getting together, a feeling of camaraderie. It was a very good session and we are planning to do the same kind of session once almost every week."
"The players talked among each other and it was a very spirit enriching session and sessions like this would go a long way in keeping the team spirit up when we are all isolated in our homes away from the ground," he added.
"This was a different session than we have about fitness and mental strength. Here we talked about how we can improve on basing on last season's performance, once practice starts what are the things that we can do. It was a very good session. We are a family and getting together, talking about the game was really nice," Bengal skipper Abhimanyu Easwaran told CAB Media about the session.
Former Bengal skipper and senior Bengal batsman Manoj Tiwari spoke after the session: "It was a very useful and must needed session as we got to see the faces of all the players, have a talk with them and the positivity was there. Our coach mentioned what all players need to do and prepare individually so that when the time comes we all are ready."
"I think this type of sessions should be done more frequently and I suggested the same also. This will help the players speak out, get in touch with the colleagues more and the decrease the chances of depression, anxiety among them. This gives the players open up to each other more. We spoke about the mental condition especially. I also told them to make sure you become a better human being with each day as it gives us positivity," he added.
The webinar that lasted for 75 minutes approximately had 25 Bengal players along with Manager-cricket operations Joydeep Mukherjee, bowling coach Ranadeb Bose, trainer Sanjib Das and video analyst Goutam Sarkar.

Rio Dutta