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CAB sets its eye for the next season

11th June 2020
The Cricket Association of Bengal is gradually taking steps to prepare itself for the next season.
CAB has already called off most of its tournaments for the season due to Pandemic. Decisions on remaining tournaments would also be taken on Monday when there would be meetings of School, District and College Committees via video conference. Two University Tournaments organized by CAB were completed but the fate of the balance School, College, University and District tournaments would be decided in the meetings.
In the meantime, CAB has already started procurement of Pitch Soil and are stacking it under the galleries.
The decision of soil procurement was taken by the Office Bearers as they felt that there were possibilities of early start to the next season provided the situation improved and the weather permitted.
“We do not know when we can resume cricket considering the prevailing circumstances. However, we are already procuring pitch soil to ensure that we can start the next season early, if the situation so allows.
We would not want to waste any time unnecessarily. In this regard, we recently had a positive meeting with Indian Football Association too. We may actually start the pitch preparation earlier than when it is usually done every year”, said CAB President, Avishek Dalmiya.
In the Amphan aftermath CAB has also begun conducting meticulous testing, with bare minimum manpower, of all electronic and electrical installations like its floodlights, electronic scoreboard and turnstiles among others.
“The Floodlights were switched on for the first time after the storms, as part of the checking exercise. Luckily, it seemed to be fine prima facie. The Maintenance Agency has been asked to check the systems thoroughly and submit a report to us.
We understand that the situation is difficult. Most important is the well being of mankind and we would not take any steps hurriedly. But even in these circumstances, we have to plan things in the right way so that slowly but steadily, we get ourselves prepared in every respect, said Avishek.
"With this season as good as over we have started preparations for next season. Though we have no certainty when and from what time we will be able to begin next season, we are hopeful that we will win this war against Corona Virus and emerge stronger. So if the possibility so arises we are preparing beforehand so that the season can begin early," said CAB Honorary Secretary Snehashis Ganguly.
Thus CAB like any forward looking sports body has already begun work with an eye to the future.

Arindam Basu