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CAB organises ‘Staying fit during a pandemic’ webinar

12th May 2020
While the countrywide lockdown is keeping the players away from games and practice, the Cricket Association of Bengal is leaving no stones unturned to help them keep up with the fitness level and today it has organised sessions with dietitians for U19, U23 Women's players.
Clinical dietitians Priyanka Jaiswal and Meenu Agarwal had two separate sessions with U23 and U19 girls about ‘knowing your food during lockdown’.
CAB President Avishek Dalmiya said to the CAB Media: "Staying fit during a pandemic' webinars are being organized as Health of the players has come into focus due to Coronavirus outbreak, and one has to be careful about boosting immunity and staying healthy. At this point, it can only happen when there is a proper mix of all food items. Also, dressing up in team jerseys for the workouts and webinars, asking colleagues to join digitally and doing it together can help keep the players connected with the game."
"It is important to maintain muscle mass, prevent additional weight gain and to try and increase the level of immunity. Therefore, dieticians had been asked to share their insights on how to take control of nutrition and integrate proven strategies in the daily routine," he explained the role of proper diet prescribed by dietitians to increase the level of immunity at this difficult time.
The CAB has already been conducting online fitness sessions, webinar on Sports Psychology, interactive sessions with experienced former players to keep their moral high and mindset positive along with a fit body.
Speaking about the session CAB Secretary Snehasish Ganguly said: "Today the cricketers had very fruitful sessions with the dieticians. While practicing on the field and as a team is the best way, we have to find new avenues of keeping them charged under these unusual circumstances. Since these players are locked up at home and are deprived of the physical exertion they need a scientific diet not to put on weight yet stay healthy. These sessions will help them in the long run."
Priyanka Jaiswal, a reputed sports dietician was the Sports Dietician & Nutritionist for National Campers of Archery in Common Wealth Games 2010. She has been associated with top hospitals in the city, was in food safety and water project of World Health Organisation (WHO) during post graduate from All India institute of Hygiene and public health and also specialises in ways to optimise performance by improving dietary practices.
While talking about the key points of the session with U23 girls Priyanka said: "Today was about the diet needed during lockdown, basic nutrition, the difference between sports and general nutrition and myth busting. The main topic was "Know your food" and also I have also talked about the foods to be taken to increase immunity."
"We had question-answer session too and there we discussed about the foods to eat in between competition, how much water should be drank at the same period etc. I will provide them a special diet chart for this lockdown period," she added.
U19 skipper Ankita Chakraborty believes this kind of session will definitely help to become more fit: "This was a very helpful and we all have learnt so much from this session."
For the record, Meenu Agarwal is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist of Singapore Nutrition and Dietetic Association. She holds a master degree in Dietetics and Food Service Management from India and has experience in Sports nutrition and how it can be used to improve player performance. Meenu also works with athletes from Australia, UK, India & Singapore and advises them on their nutrition needs on individual and team basis.
Meenu talked about her session with U19 girls today: "The session was covering more about the food, nutrition and how the players can optimize their performance by following certain timely mannerism in eat, drink and sleep as well. We talked about what food is needed, the quantity and the importance of sleep."
"I have also shared a general diet chart with them depending on their age and calorie requirement. They are doing regular exercise at home during this lockdown and the diet charge is based on that," she added.
Former Indian player Mithu Mukherjee who was also present during both the sessions believes these classes will help the girls a lot and it was much needed to bust some myths about the proper diet.
Mithu said: "The dietitians talked about what to eat generally and at this lockdown period. How much calorie one needs depending on her age and the importance of sleep was also discussed. All the questions related to diet asked by girls were answered and they were really interested. It was a detailed fruitful session that will go a long way to build fit body and mind. The Women's cricket will benefit a lot from this."
"This was a very useful session and we will do another detailed one soon. It was about the basic diet, it's importance, things to avoid and what to eat during lockdown. The CAB is doing a great job keeping an eye on every players' well-being and health at this difficult time," said Gargi Banerjee, Apex Council Member who attended the session with U23 girls about the need of this kind of initiatives.

Rio Dutta