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CAB Staff Members show the light as Affiliated
units continue to extend support.

30th March 2020
Kolkata, 30th March 2020: Affiliated Units of The Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) continued to lend their support as Friends Athletic Club contributed Rs. 25,000/- and Gymkhana Club donated Rs.10,000/-.
Membership Committee Member Saket Sudan expressed to donate Rs. 5,000/- through CAB.
Today saw as many as 24 Staff members of CAB came forward to contribute an aggregate amount of Rs. 1 Lac in Corona Aid.
In a joint petition addressed to the Association President, the Staff members wrote, “The staff members are willing to donate an amount of Rs. 1,00,000/- to the West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund by making individual contributions.”
They further wrote, “We would like to pay the above amount through CAB which may please be adjusted from our salary.”
Amongst the highest contributors amongst staff members, Dilip Chakraborty and Biswapati Sen donated 9,000 each.
In addition, Agencies involved with CAB like Second Innings Sports and Entertainment would also like to contribute Rs 21,000 through CAB, along with another Rs 15,000 pledged by Carpe Diem Communique Pvt Ltd to be adjusted against their professional fees.

Arindam Basu