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Affiliated Units, Committee Members, Former Cricketer
and Groundstaff continue their support.

29th March 2020
Kolkata, 29th March 2020: Various Affiliated Units of CAB continued to lend their support in Corona Aid as they requested The Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) to contribute on their behalf to West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund and adjust it with their subsidies.
Affiliated Units like Balak Sangha Club (Rs. 1 lakh); Cricket Club of Dhakuria (Rs.50,000/-); Star Sporting Club (Rs. 25,000/-); and; The City Athletic Club (Rs. 15,000/-) requested CAB to facilitate their donations.
Among the Former Players, Ex Bengal Cricketer, Mr. I. B. Roy came forward and personally contributed Rs 15,000 /- to West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund.
In the meanwhile, School Committee Chairman Amalendu Biswas, who was the manager of the Senior Bengal Cricket Team that played the Ranji Trophy final , communicated his intention to pay Rs. 10,000/- in his personal capacity.
Finance Committee member of The Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB), Sanjay Gupta pledged to donate Rs. 1 crore through his company Captain Steel India Ltd directly.
In another development, Kolkata Maidan Veteran Groundsman Maheshwar Shaw contributed a sum of Rupees 2,000/- from his salary. Other Assistant Curators of CAB Safi Ahmed, Suranjan Mukherjee, Ranjit Shaw, Birendra Pratap Singh and Pradip Nayek donated in Corona Aid. Such amounts would be paid by CAB and deducted from their dues.
Jayanta Chatterjee of Ascon Infotech, the Agency looking after the statistical division of CAB, also requested to adjust Rs. 20,000/- from their professional fees.

Arindam Basu