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Form is a condition of the mind: Kohli
29th September 2016
Negating talks of poor form Team India Skipper Virat Kohli said form is a thing of the mind and he would rather concentrate on the process than the goal.
Asked about any targets he has set for the team and about his form, Virat's response was quick and sharp. He said as a ypoung cricketer ypou dont set targets you just score runs. "It is only after five six or ten years that you set a target for yourself. I don't want to set any target. I would rathar work on the process. It is important to maintain standard of the game," he said.
Hinting at the prospects of India becoming the Top Test playing nation, he said: "Rankings are temporary. There are several quality teams competing. If you get too attached to it, it can get you very upset. It is better to observe it from a distance and stay away from things that are not in our control.
About him practicing with rubber ball at the nets, he said: "We play all three formats of the game. So it is very easy to flow with it. We need to bring the skill sets that we have and bring stability into the game. I wanted to control the bouncing ball that was not coming at a pace. You can prepare well for a game, but the result is not in your hand.
Cricket is a game of a chance. We look to prepare well every time. Good form or bad form is about the way you are feeling. Some days you dont feel so good and on others you do. We look to be stable in our heads and work hard. That is what we can do."

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