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Aussies could be easier than England: Wriddhi
29th December 2016
The maidans look lush green in this season. The dew on the grass gives it a sheen and makes the grass far jucier than it might actually be. However, we are not talking about grass here. It is rathar the happening duo on the grass that is the centre of our attention.
Mohammad Shami and Wriddhiman Saha are both enjoying a break from the national team. But hardly. Shami in black pullover was a spectator though, his Bengal team mate Wriddiman Saha returned to the nets and batted at length. And he showed fine touch too. And all this at the Mohun Bagan ground where the duo is to play club cricket in the domestic season.
Wriddhi is coming up from an injury and rehab at NCA that he picked up in the second Test against England. It also saw Parthiv Patel ease back into the side. The two, however, chatted up after Wriddhi's practice and boy they talked about everything. But the hair-raising discussion that really caught the ear was the matter of beard. Wriddhi is perhaps the only member of Team India who has never sported one. "You see everyone in Team India loves a beard these days. Look even Shami does. Perhaps they dont want to get into the hassle of shaving," he chuckled. Debabrata Das, the tripple ton man, joined in giving his stubble a stubtle scratch.
The talks veered onto the issue of Virat Kohli getting married or not. "We have not been invoited yet," the duo laughed.
Things got a wee bit serious when Wriddhi was asked about Parthiv Patel's comeback. "We were chatting the other day. Not once did cricket come up. I am not insecured by his return. he is also trying to come back to the fold of the team. I will only bank on my performance. The rest is up to the selectors," Wriddhi said.
Asked if Australia series will be tough, he said: "Actually it may be easier than England. They have not done well in the sub-continnent traditionally. Many of them would be on their first tour. Then there is our good run of form. The winning habbit. And at homw we are always favourites. For that matter any team." Shami though remained non-commital and continued to smile and nod. But whether it was to agree or disagree only time will tell. But one thing is for sure, he will not be playing, while Wriddhi may if he is not headed back home to Siliguri to spend the new year with his folks.

Arindam Basu