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Carnival in the stadium

1st October 2016

Sayan Banerjee

The sun is blazing down, but a section of the stadium looks like an oasis of pleasure. Come to the carnival zone. You can get a chance to relive cricket from 1932 in the photo gallery here. There is a gaming zone, where groups like Rangoli have set up their stalls. Jugglers show off their magic with hands, while men on stilts keep children engaged.
“It has been a pleasure to be here. I had no idea that cricket ground can be so exciting. Today I am with my friends. Few of my friends have spent more time here that the galley”, said Sumit, after trying his hand at juggling balls.
“I am cricket crazy and follow the game religiously. But this carnival is especial. It gave me a chance to see Dada (Sourav Ganguly) from touching distance. It means a lot to me”, said an emotional Audity.
Sunil Dhar, a member of the Rangoli team, said, how his group is enjoying the days here. “We are jugglers. We put up stalls in fairs and parties. But never in a cricket stadium. It gave us an opportunity to see the cricketers from close. I saw Dada last day. He is truly like a Maharaj”.
They know Sunday is going to see heavy crowd pouring in and they will be busy in their work. So for now they are soaking in as much cricket and its ambience they can. Welcome to the Eden of tomorrow.