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Paint it cricket
Rio Dutta
17th November 2019
They say a picture says a thousand words. But here is an exeption. The pictures on the Cricket Association of Bengal walls scream of just one word-- passion.
Passion for the game has come alive on the walls around the iconic cricket stadium and the club house.
India's First-ever Pink ball Test is a few days away and preparations are at Eden Gardens are in full swing to make this event a grand show. As part of the effort, CAB in association with Creocraft is bringing to life vignettes of cricket on the inside walls of the collessium .
The walls of Eden will say the story behind every cricketer. It's going to be a cricketer's journey from maidan to the tricolored jersey. Sayan Mukherjee, creative head of Crecraft who designed the whole artwork said: "It's a story from gully cricket to big stadium. A boy starts from maidan and then how he transforms into a big player."
Over 20 artists studying at Indian Art College are working day and night to paint this idea on the walls.
On 22 November when the world will witness history, the walls will retirate the stories that every dreamy eyed cricketer wants to write. The story of the struggle behind the making of a legend.