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The Pink Rush
Arindam Basu
16th November 2019
The abbreviation SG means Sanspareils Greenlands.
SG cricket balls are preferred in India for all the matches even for the domestic tournaments like Ranji Trophy. The SG Brand has manufactured balls from 1950.
It is based out of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh.
The Pink Ball takes at least 8 days to prepare compared to two days for the red ball.
It's made from imported leather.
The inner core of ball is made of cork and rubber.
It weighs 156 grams.
It has a circumference within 22.5 cm.
It has three stitches... Lip stitch and two pronounced stitches on either side each having 78 stitches. The pronounced seam helps better grip on ball even when there is dew.
SG will provide six dozen balls for the Pink Ball D/N Test between India and Bangladesh.

Source: Saurabh Agarwal, AGM Marketing SG.