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Dalmiya is a happy man today
Arindam Basu
2nd November 2018
Just 30 minutes before the second Jagmohan Dalmiya Annual Conclave was to begin the skies opened up and unexpectedly so. The butterfly stage, the semi-circular dias, the pyrotech lights, the cushion chair, the charmed lawn all looked to be at the mercy of the elements.
But the climes had not prepared for one man, Sourav Ganguly. The CAB President walked out into the balcony overlooking the set up and started managing the mini disaster at hand. Sometimes he looked up into the skies, sometimes he cracked a joke with his colleagues, sometimes he looked a tad pensive, but always on his feet and always ready to take adversity by it's horns.
He had a Plan B and C in place. He double checked the departures of the likes of Graeme Smith and Brian Lara and gave himself 40 minutes to get the show off the ground. Things started moving and the little pieces fell in place.
Rains stopped as if seeing the futulity of trying to be an impediment to the proceedings here, much like the India Pakistan match. At 6.30 the programme got rolling with Mr Ganguly welcoming the guests and remembering the Titan.
Former South African skipper Graeme Smith during his keynote address almost by some greater calling talked about the philosophy of 'ubuntu' , a bantu native word, which means 'I am because we are'. I couldn't help thinking that was what Sourav Ganguly stands for. That's how he leads.
Mr Dalmiya would have been a happy man today seeing his legacy being carried forward with such elan and charisma. His beloved CAB was in good hands. What a sigh of relief it would be for him.