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A virat Fan in Eden
Arindam Basu
21st January 2017
You have seen him fluttering the indian flag from the galleries. He is a self proclaimed Virat Kohli fan who travels around the country cheering for the men in blue.
Meet Nikash, the 33 years old Indian fan from Odhisa, who was seen at the galleries at the club house today fluttering the tri-colour as India practiced in the morning. Asked if he had a chance to meet his idol, he said "I have met him three-four times and he was very nice to me. I met him last in Cuttack during the second ODI against England."
He is a bus conductor back in his hometown in Cuttack where when not travelling to watch Virat play he hollers stops on long distance routes. "I work as a conducter with a private bus operator. I travedl length and breath of Odhisa when not seeing Virat play," Nikash said.
He saves money from his work and travels to different venues to watch the matches. "Now it is limited to Eastern India and Vizag. As I cant gather more money. I have also been to Punjab."
A little disappointed at not seeing Virat come for practice today, he said :"Tomorrow he will play and lead the side and that is all that matters."