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Kohli a crowd heartthrob

2nd October 2016

Dolon Basu

This 5ft 9inch man in Indian jersey tells the crowd to cheer and the crowd start chanting. He tells them to cheer for India and the crowd responds with a roar.
Its 250th Test Match at Eden and the crowd came in numbers to just catch a glimpse of their hero. 30,000 to be exact. And most of them for one man--Virat Kohli.
He has not only earned the tag of being a hard hitting batsman, but also of a youth icon. He has more than 11million followers on Twitter alone and can claim to have a popularity graph that is rising with each passing day.
He won many hearts when he lashed out on twitterati for trolling Anushka and blaming her for his poor form. Kolkata girls are not an exception. Meet Tiya and Swarna, two teeneagers who came to see him at Eden Gardens and were not disappointed.
"He kept on talking to the crowd. He said dont chant my name, say India India," Tiya, was breathless.
They were treated to an innings of class and style by Virat as he cut, drove and pulled effortlessly for a 65 ball 45 runs. The collective sigh at his dismissal was almost unnerving. It seemed the people would walk out of the park.
"I just love Virat. I am supporting Virat 60% and India- 40%. When Virat interacted with the crowd I skipped a beat. He is so cute," Swarna added. "He involved us in the game. I felt so sad when he got out," Aindrilla, a sports management student, added.