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We are growing in experience: Tiwary

24th January 2018
With two back-to-back wins and after registering six wins in eight games in Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, skipper Manoj Tiwary should be a happy person. But he is quite the opposite.
For Bengal's loss to Baroda was coming back to haunt him and the skipper made no attempts to hide his disappointment. "With 70 runs of 60 balls, it was our match to lose. We should not have given wickets to Krunal Pandya. That defeat hurts. There has been a lot of talk about it and there will be, we understand," Manoj said.
"We discussed it in the team meetings. Actually this side is still maturing as an unit. We have 6 to 7 players who played under floodlights for the first time. We did not get a chance to practice under lights. Then with live telecast happening some players came under pressure. But having said that we still should have won that match. The UP match was a different ball game as (Suresh) Raina played a superlative innings," he continued.
On whether bowling and fielding required improvement, he said, " We are a much better fielding unit. But saying that is not enough. We need to prove it on the ground. In the first two games our bowling left a lot desired. We have discussed it and tried to plug those in the last two games."
Asked about his new style of bowling, Manoj said he had developed it himself. "It has a sling like action. I cant do leg spin because of a niggle. So I studied and developed this style myself. It is a great way to bowl on slower track. Of spin with a fast action helps," he said.
On whether it would be an additional weapon in IPL, he said, "Yes it can be helpful. The unorthodox does the trick. I think my action is both unorthodox and effective. Now its up to the franchises. I have to wait and see."
He felt there are several youngsters in the Bengal team who have a bright future and IPL is a matter of time for them too.
While his mind is all set on Vijay Hazare Trophy for which the team departs on February 1, he said that the tournament was too crammped. "Playing so many matches back to back is tough. There was no recovery time. Its hard on the players. I have told this to Saba Kareem."

Arindam Basu