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Bowlers put up a good show

7th December 2017
Bowlers had the upper hand over the batsmen on the second day of CAB Second Division Junior Knock-out Tournament.
While Debarun Das had picked up 5 wickets giving away just 19 runs for Calcutta Pasee Club, six bowlers took four wickets.
Alone centurian of the day, Debjit Banerjee smashed 131 runs in 90 balls as his side High Court Club posted 320.Depaiyan Mukherjee(78),Md Rafik(72N.O.) and Anurag Ray(65) guided Baranagar Sporting Club to post 313. However, bad light rallied Vijay Sports Club vs YMCA(Chow.Br.) match to be called off as Vijay Sports Club won by Higher Run Rate..

Brief Scores:

1)Ariadaha Sporting Club vs Cricket Club of Dhakuria:
Ariadaha Sporting Club:162/10,36.1 Overs.Joydeep Naskar-4/49.
Cricket Club of Dhakuria:164/5,34.3 Overs.Rahul Roy-65(68),Dilip Gupta-3/24.
Cricket Club of Dhakuria won by 5 Wickets.

2)Bata Sports Club vs W.B.Association of the Deaf:
W.B.Association of the Deaf:174/10,41.5 Overs. Sounyadeep Bagchi-3/33,Om Prakash Chowdhury-3/20.
Bata Sports Club-176/7, 44.1 Overs.Sangram Mallick-57(39),Basudev Kumar Dey-4/41.
Bata Sports Club won by 3 Wickets.

3)Bengal Sporting Club vs International Club:
Bengal Sporting Club:249(228+21 Penalty)/9,45 Overs(43+2 Pen).Souparna Chakrabarty-97(119).
International Club:197/10,42.1 Overs.Akash Das-54(48),Sujiy Kr.Singh-4/21,Anish Biswas-3/28.
Bengal Sporting Club won by 52 runs.

4)City A.C. vs N.Sir Gooroodas Institute:
N.Sir Gooroodas Institute:101/10,31.2 Overs.Pradhu Das Dhanwar-4/31.
City A.C.:102/3,16.1 Overs.
City A.C. won by 7 Wickets.

5)Taltala Institute vs Jorabagan Club:
Taltala Institute:179/7,38 Overs.Anjan Saha-60(61),Rakesh Sarkar-3/24.
Jorabagan Club:181/5,36.5 Overs.Subhasish Chakrabarty-86(96).
Jorabagan Club won by 5 Wickets.

6)Victoria Sporting Club vs Friend A.C.:
Victoria Sporting Club:237/7,41 Overs.Sandip Singh-67(99).
Friend A.C.:207/10,38.5 Overs.Subhankar Bhattacharjee-60(57).Anuj Singh-3/24,Abhishek Singh-3/39.
Victoria Sporting Club won by 30 runs.

7)Shibpur Institute vs Aurora A.A.:
Shibpur Institute:232/8,45 Overs.Faran Akhtar-91(123),Debasish Roy-3/52.
Aurora A.A.:77/10,26.2 Overs Sujoy Khan-4/20.
Shibpur Institute won by 155 runs.

8)Baranagar Sporting Club vs Friend Sporting Union:
Baranagar Sporting Club:313/7,45 Overs.Depaiyan Mukherjee-78(76),Md Rafik-72N.O.(40),Anurag Ray-65(87).
Friend Sporting Union:220/10,43.2 Overs.Nirab Monior-71(102).
Baranagar Sporting Club won by 93 runs.

9)Sahapur Sporting Club vs High Court Club:
High Court Club:320(280+40 Penalty)/7,45 Overs. Debjit Banerjee-131(90),Adiptya Podder-62(46).
Sahapur Sporting Club:180/7,45 Overs. Akash Singh-59(75).
High Court Club won by 140 runs.

10)Howrah Sporting Club vs Calcutta Parsee Club:
Howrah Sporting Club:169/10,39.1 Overs.Sunny Prasad-52(70).Debarun Das-5/19.
Calcutta Parsee Club:173/8,39 Overs.Prasant Tiwary-3/35.
Calcutta Parsee Club won by 2 Wickets.

11)Cricket Club of Dhakuria vs Abasar:
Abasar:171/10,42.4 Overs.Uttam Maji-3/43,3/22.
Cricket Club of Dhakuria:172/5,35.1 Overs.
Cricket Club of Dhakuria won by 5 Wickets.

12)Uttarpalli Milan Sangha vs Howrah Union:
Howrah Union:177/8,45 Overs.Md Ashif Rezza-3/10,Arijit Bhar-3/46.
Uttarpalli Milan Sangha:178/3,35.3 Overs Satyam Mishra-52(77).
Uttarpalli Milan Sangha won by 7 Wickets.

13)Bantra Cricket Club vs Central Calcutta Sporting Club:
Central Calcutta Sporting Club:167/10,41.2 Overs.Sanskar Baid-56(103),Rohit Mondal-3/28.
Bantra Cricket Club:170/4,36 Overs.Soumyajoti Bose-66(82).
Bantra Cricket Club won by 6 Wickets.

14)Suburban Club vs Bani Niketan Sports Club:
Suburban Club:220/10,44.5 Overs.Turha Saha-66(72),Pankaj Gupta-4/43,Nandan Pandit-3/57.
Bani Niketan Sports Club:187/10,43.4 Overs.Dipak Pandey-3/27.
Suburban Club won by 33 runs.

15)Vijay Sports Club vs YMCA(Chow.Br.):
Vijay Sports Club:268/7,45 Overs. Soham Maity-73(64),Sougata Paul-62(39).
YMCA(Chow.Br.):228/9,42 Overs.
Vijay Sports Club won by Higher Run Rate.

Arindam Basu