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India SL downplay gamesmanship

20th November 2017
As Indian bowlers were blazing all their guns to yield a favourable result, Sri Lankans were wasting time to ensure that Men in Blue would get least overs which sored up the temperature in the middle with some serious sledging and heated arguments.
However, Indian side did not complain any foul as both the team were locking horn to achieve their individual goals.  K.L. Rahul remarked, “It’s a tricky thing. If we were in an identical situation, we would have done same thing. That is how the game is played. Every team wants to win matches and in the process they end up doing such tricks. There is nothing unfair about this.”. He added, “If we could bowl 5-6 overs more, we would definitely make a result out of the game.”
The Lankan coach, Nic Pothas, echoed Rahul, saying this sort of incidents replicate the intensity of the game. He opined, “This is healthy for Test cricket. Test cricket should be tough, competitive and it was played fantastically well.” He added, “If Test match goes to the end like this, it will always be entertaining.”
Indian opener seemed to be enthralled with the game, as it extracts everything out of both the teams and rated it as one of the exciting matches of his career. He said, “We look forward to play such exciting matches. I personally never played such a rain-truncated game which went down to brink.”
However, Nic Pothas seemed to be optimistic. He said that, they could hardly give any competition to India back at home, but here they dominated India for a longer period of time. He regarded this series will make Lankans better. He opined, “These two back-to-back series against India will make the players better, as more you play against quality sides like India under pressure, more you develop.”
In spite of a fluent 79 in the second innings, K L Rahul was not happy with the way he could not make it into a big hundred for quite a few times. He said, “I’m obviously disappointed. I could have converted at least half of them into a big one. I do not play for the numbers. But as an opening batsman, the team want me to spend more time in the middle and score big ones.”
However, Indian opener set the road map for next two years which they will spend mostly in overseas, as the bowl was swinging on Day 1 and seaming on Day 4 and 5. He said, “We want to prepare on such wickets. This innings gives me a lot of confidence.”
Both K L Rahul and Nic Pothas lauded Kohli’s gusty ton terming the innings as ‘Fantastic’ coping with such huge pressure. 

Ayan Das