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Pujara earns praise for gritty innings

17th November 2017
When the wickets are tumbling in the limited period of play, Chetwashwar Pujara remained the only bright spot for India.
Indian Fielding coach,R Sridhar, said, “Pujara is a batsman who gets grip of every condition when he goes to bat. What stands out from Pujara’s knock is that the most of his drives were right to the mid-off. That’s why he successfully batting on 47. This is one of best knocks of Pujara.”
He added, “The game plan against moving ball is simple- play as close to your body, play straight. “
The opposition coach, Nic Pothas, praised, “Pujara is obviously a world-class player. This innings shows the benefit of playing County cricket. That is wicket, which is found in England during April-May. He certainly played the condition very well.”
When the play was called-off for the day, the lions were in the driver’s side and could hit the knock-out punch to Indian innings. But the Lankans have no regret as all have to juxtapose with the nature. He said, “We are not disappointed at all. We can’t blame the rain. If you play cricket, you have to accommodate it.”
Indian camps seemed to enjoy this condition. The coach said, “This kind of day brings the team together. The players spend a lot of time in the dressing room when the team is an adverse position. These days are wonderful for the team.”
Sridhar said that this pitch is more challenging than the Headingley deck on which Sanjay Banger played, the amount of assistance the islanders are purchasing certainly grow hope in Indian camp having top-class bowlers in their arsenal.
Also, the Men in Blue are hoping that once the rain stops, they can yield the result. The coach said, “Going with the condition, If you get another 270 overs of play and weather remains clear, that test match will definitely get result.” He added, “
The visitor’s coach seemed to be happy with the grassy track. When asked about the reason behind green deck is India’s upcoming tour to South Africa, the opposition coach said, “We can just play the condition we are provided with.”
The fielding coach opined that slip can be one of the areas that contribute to the result a lot. He said, “Slip catching is more difficult in sub-continent than in the places where deck provides good carry and bounce. But on the pacy deck, the bowl wobbles. We are preparing accordingly.”
He also added India’s upgradation as one of the top fielding sides in the world. On asking what the key to success is, he said, “What we are doing really is not doing any magic trick or anything. As far as fielding is concerned the formula is very simple; the more you practise better you get. If you put in effort, you will get the results. It is very controllable skill unlike bowling and batting.  We work really work hard and try to bring things under control. The only way to get better in fielding is practise a lot and that’s what this team does.”

Ayan Das