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Nothing is impossible: Virat

15th November 2017
Team India skipper Virat Kohli sounded more like the famous ad line impossible is nothing when he said that anything is possible if you aim for it and keep focussed on it.
Ahead of the first Test at Kolkata Eden Gardens, Virat said that being number one in all three formats of the game was not beyond reach. “Anything is possible. I do not think you aim for this because you change so many formats for example if someone does well in ODI why he'll be playing test. They take number one spot. So you cannot get attach to it. As I said, there is so much cricket played around the world, you go down in the ranking and the people will say the team has be dethroned. But you have to understand that if one week the team is not playing, another team takes over. So it is very natural process. It is exciting to people as we are No 1 in Test, joint no 1 ODI and I think people are fantasizing about it more that cricketers think about it. For us it is more about focusing on the game, winning the situations and winning scenarios and putting small target in front of us. Everything is possible.”
“If everything falls into place, Indian team can achieve that at a point of time. But that does not stay for many numbers of days because as I said there is lot of cricket being played around the world. We need to be realistic,” he added.
Asked about the rotation policy and resting the players, he said: “This is one thing I think people do not explain properly. Lot of things have been spoken about. There are a lot of talks from outside whether this players should play or should be rested. For example every player plays 40 games in the year. Three guys who who get rest their workload should be managed. Every player would not have to bat for 45 overs in ODI or everybody would not have to bowl 30 overs in Test match. The guys who are doing this regularly, they need to be assessed because the body takes that much time to recover and their body need to be rested.”
“The number of times they are at the situation, the number of running between the wickets or number of overs bowling in difficult condition, in heat in different situation need to be considered. So the body needs that much of rest. But i do not think people go into that much analysis. Everyone does not have the same workload the game they play. so people who have massive workload for example Pujara has massive workload during test seasons. He will have the maximum amount of workload as that is how his game is built. You cannot compare him to attacking batsman because the workload is lesser. All these needs to be taken into consideration,” he said.
“That is why we build such a core team of 20-25 players. You do not want important players breaking down at important time for the team and that is where the balance needs to be maintained. Because there is too much cricket going on, specially for the guys who play all 3 formats is impossible to maintain same intensity what you have in the earlier phase of the season. Those things are very important when we manage. Definitely I do need a rest. I do not need a rest. The time when i think that my body needs rest, i will ask for it. Why not? I’m not a robot. You can slice my skin and check out,” he added when asked does he consider taking rest too.
Asked about the opening slot with Murali Vijay returning and Shikhar Dhawan showing exemplary form, he said: “That situation has always been there. The balance has been swapped every now and then between two guys doing well and one of them is missing out. It happened to Shikar in between. Now they are playing good so it is difficult to pick two out of three when they all are good and they have done well. I think Shikhar's comeback is a revelation for him and for team as well. His counter attacking skills were something that gives others batsmen to work on. It also affects the opposition also. They have different sets of skills. So I said the balance always shifts. So they do understand. So they do not have any problem.”

Arindam Basu