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We want to embrace being uncomfortable: Virat

15th November 2017
Team India skipper Virat Kohli today said that his side wants to embrace being uncomfortable for the opposition and display the same intensity around the world.
A day ahead of their series against Sri Lanka, the second this year, Virat made it clear that if one wants to be the top side in Test cricket they need to play good cricket in all conditions and build their game for all situations and conditions.
“A lot of cricket has been played at home. If we had played all this cricket away as well we would have maintained the same intensity. We believe a lot in ourselves as a team. Not that in Indian condition you can be relaxed. You still have to work hard. I think the mindset of winning is very important. I think as a team we want to embrace playing in difficult conditions. We want to be uncomfortable. We want to embrace uncomfortable. That is the most important thing,” Virat said.
Asked how difficult is it to maintain the intensity against a team that you have just beaten, Virat said: “Yes another series for us. You know we have played so much cricket. Now it is all about good preparation, keeping our energy level up and making sure that we have quality practice.”
“You know you're playing well and you are in zone and then you over practice and that can also lead you know the mindset going off. So you have to maintain that balance. I think we have really done so far in maintain that balance. Again we have to get back to Test mode, create momentum from this game, carrying on in this series and also next series as you know we are playing test cricket straight after this. It is always nice to get back into the Test cricket. Challenges are different, something we always look forward,” he added.
“I think every match we play is important. Every series is huge. It is not like that we lose this series and you guys will not say anything to us. Everything is important when you play for the country. We do not want to differentiate. We simply like to do well as a team, whatever condition we play at, whatever combination we use we need to play well because winning is the most important thing and for that everyone needs to be on same page whether we play in India, outside India. Regardless of the opponents we play we want to maintain that consistency as the team,” he said when asked if the series will be equally exiting.
“That has worked for us because we are not differentiating where we are playing, how we are playing. We just want to play goof cricket as a team and result will take care when you play good cricket anywhere in the world. It is not like that in India you can get away by playing bad cricket. The eventual goal is to respect the sports, respect the skill sets that we have and try to execute that in every situation, condition we are in,” he said.

Arindam Basu