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Bengal concedes 7 while Wriddhi displays crisis mastery

12th November 2017
Bengal fell to their knees giving up seven points to the visitors in their Group D ties against Vidarbha at Bengal Cricket Academy Ground, Kalyani here today.
The morning session was crucial for the home team and the untimely dismissal of the skipper who looked in good shape added fuel to the opponent's aggression.
With not much of ammunition left in the Bengal arsenal Wriddhiman Saha came to the rescue. Pulling off an unparalleled innings during the first session of the day following the early dismissal of Manoj Tiwary for 43; Wriddhi gave Bengal the much needed tempo.
Saha played a sustained and decorated innings timing 13 spotless boundaries and two sixes enroute his 97. A brilliantly fought out 148 run partnership between Wriddhiman Saha and Sudip Chatterjee facilitated Bengal to a comfortable footing.
Wriddhiman Saha was dismissed to a decision that appeared controversial at first sight but was nevertheless a fair. Sudip played a successful innings with the bat as well putting up 82 on the board for Bengal.
Shreevats Goswami who later came on to the crease with mounting pressure lost his wicket to a cheap bargain for a duck. Kanishk Seth stayed undefeated at 32 playing good strokes and helping the Bengal team to plod to a lead of 14 runs.
In a post match press interaction Wriddhiman Saha said, "The pitch was good to play on and as we know it was the fourth day hence the wicket had a good balance grip and turn. The bowlers of the away team did a good job with the ball. Our aim today was not to play under pressure but to utilise the opportunities that would come our way."
He added, "I have tried to play a neat innings and gave proper effort to lead the team to a good standing. Unfortunately I got dismissed early but the thing that we take from this defeat is that we have to come back stronger."

Saptaswa Mukerjee