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Pandya’s caught out- run out was not out

21st September 2017
When Hardik Pandya came out to bat today hardly did he know that 27.7 of the ICC Law Book was his secret armour.
Law 27.7 of the ICC handbook states that – An umpire shall intervene if satisfied that a batsman not having been given out, has left his wicket under a misapprehension that he is out. The umpire intervening shall call and signal dead ball to prevent any further action by the fielding side and shall recall the batsman.

So what had happened?

In the 48th over of India's innings Kane Richardson bowled a full toss on the off stump that Pandya mistimed. The ball soared high over covers for a back tracking Steve Smith to complete an easy catch. By then Pandya had started walking back. Steve realising that the height of the delivery may not be legitimate he threw the ball to Richardson barking orders to break the stumps. Richardson followed the orders.
Meanwhile, rains poured in and the players left the field. Umpire Anil Chaudhury was called to action who after checking with his co-umpire Richard Illingworth and TV umpire Jeff Crowe gave the verdict that the ball was no-ball and though there is a legitimate demand for a run out on no-ball, the fact that Pandya had not completed the run and left the field meant that he had thought he was caught out and under the ICC Laws 27.7 he could be brought back to bat again.

Arindam Basu