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Bengal cricketers participate in BCCI anti-doping,
anti-corruption workshop

28th August 2017
The CAB today hosted a day-long education seminar of BCCI Anti-Doping an Anti-Corruption Education Program at the Eden Gardens premises here. The programme was attended by the Senior Men’s and Women’s teams, besides the U-23, U-19 and U-16 cricketers, coaches and support staff.
In the welcome address welcome ceremony BCCI Information Manager and SCA Secretary, Dheeraj Malhotra talked about the BCCI Mission Statement. ‘It is a legal obligation of all the players and people associated with the game to report any matter related to corruption. Ignorance can’t be a defence,’ he said.
The first session of the workshop dealt with the overview of BCCI Anti-Corruption Program, codes, offences and penalties. Talking about the issues Bengal skipper Manoj Tiwari said: ‘This kind of courses and programmes are necessary. It makes us aware of the traps set and also helps cricketers understand the dos and don’ts. The anti-doping programme is significant as it makes us aware how easily we can commit a mistake without even understanding’.

‘This was an enlightening morning. It will be helpful to the younger players who are coming into the big league for the first time and can take a wrong step. Such courses really help us build on the moral quotient of the players,’ Ashok Dinda added. The second half of the workshop was dedicated to the Anti-doping measures and dealt with the pitfalls of doping.
‘The problem is lack of education and eagerness for short term gains. We are using new measures to make dope tests more targeted. It is called Smart Test. The purpose of the workshop is to make the participants aware that body strength and stamina can be built naturally. Besides, doping kills too,’ said Dr Vece Paes, BCCI Consultant for Ant-doping programme. Mr Jemi Bilimoria, BCCI ACU Liaison Officer from CAB was present for the workshop. Over 150 cricketers, both men and women, attended the workshop.

Saptaswa Mukerjee & Arindam Basu