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Bengal can produce players to play for India: Murali

29th July 2017
Spin legend Muttiah Muraitharan today said Bengal has the potential to produce spinners to play at the national level.
Muttiah, who is here as a spin coach under Vision 2020 of Cricket Association of Bengal, said: “I am very happy with the camp here. It is a great idea put forward by Sourav Ganguly. We are trying to produce good bowlers. Because of Vision 2020 there is all round development.”
“You cannot produce good players in two years but if we continue to pursue this process I am sure we will produce players who can play for the country. I have identified a few players who have the talent and the potential to rise right up to the top level,” he said.
Muttiah said his job was that of a guide who would take the players on the right track. “Talent is there. We have make sure they are on to the right path,” he said.
Taking about the recent rule changes in world cricket, he said limiting the size of the bat will not affect bowlers like the use of two new balls in ODI cricket.
According to the new rule, the maximum dimensions of a bat will be restricted to 108 mm in width, 67 mm in depth and 40 mm in edges. The rule change has been brought because of the growing concern about the imbalance between bat and ball. Bat sizes have grown with thicker edges that send miss-hits to boundaries much to the helplessness of bowlers.
However, Muralitharan does not feel it will affect batsmen much and neither will it give much help to bowlers. “Batsmen will adjust to the bowling styles. Bowlers also adjust to the change of field restrictions that happen on experimental basis.”
“However, I feel using two new balls in ODIs will take away reverse swing and adversely affect spinners. This is a concern area,” he added.

Arindam Basu