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Vision 2020 to yield players for India: Laxman

28th July 2017
Former India batsman and Vision 2020 batting coach VVS Laxman today said Bengal now have a much stronger feeder line thanks to the initiative taken by CAB President Sourav Ganguly.
He is here at Eden Gardens working with 12 young batsmen helping them hone their skills. But that is not all Laxman talks to them extensively and prepares them pschologically also for big matches.
"The idea is to create a strong pool of players who will not only represent Bengal but also play for India and Vision is going to help to a great extent to create that environment," Laxman said.
Laxman have the budding talents extensive lessons on stance and meeting the ball.
"The idea is to build their confidence and get them ready to play in big matches. Once you are sorted in the mind the battle is half won, the rest is application. I try to pass on the self-belief on to the players and get them focussed. If you know what you dont want to do it is easier to iminate mistakes ," he said.
Extensive video analysis is done of the proceedings and minute details are noted, pointed out and if necessary worked upon.
Praising Ganguly for envisioning this kind of camp, Laxman said he believed if this was pursued consistently then results will show soon.

Arindam Basu